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Space Race is a unique engine-building strategy game with amazing artwork and stunning rockets.

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BackerKit Deadline & Project Status
2 months ago – Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 08:20:49 PM


We hope you are enjoying the summer! Let's take a look at the latest report from the command center:

  •  BackerKit deadline — Monday 30 September
  •  Playmats — It's going to happen!
  •  Project status — Development and next steps
  •  Giveaway — What's your take on Kickstarter updates? (enter the giveaway here).

BackerKit deadline

BackerKit surveys will lock on Monday 30 September (you will still be able to change your shipping address). Please make sure to finalize your survey by then. After that, your card will be charged for shipping and any extra add-ons that you have added to your pledge.

You can find more information about BackerKit and how to finalize the survey in Update #25. If you encounter any problems, send us an email to 


Thank you so much for making the playmats happen! There are 891 playmats ordered so far, which is way above the minimum production quantity of 500. It's on!

Quick reminder: the playmats will be made of top quality rubber, 90x60 cm (35x24 in), and will be double stitched for extra durability and perfect look. If you'd like to get one as well, it's available as an add-on in the BackerKit survey.

Playmats have a green light! Thank you!
Playmats have a green light! Thank you!

Project status

During the last few weeks, we were focusing mostly on finalizing and tweaking the balance of the cards in the game, and now we have added development of new Missions into the mix as well.

Missions: One of the main functions of Missions in the game is to establish when Breakthroughs and/or Laboratory is scored. It's incredible to see the extent to which every tiny alteration in this completely changes the feel of the game and the approach that players take. For example, the Mission that we were testing last time closely resembled the mood of the original card game by emphasizing combo play through reducing the number of times Breakthroughs are scored and, on the other hand, by accentuating Lab.

Jan and Klobouk behind the drawing board.
Jan and Klobouk behind the drawing board.

Projects: We're looking into a new possible approach to Projects that encourages (or even requires) players to cooperate on completing them — just like international projects that different agencies work on and share the rewards. These Projects are also more demanding in terms of Astronauts you need to use to complete them. As with the other parts of the game, the historical background is paramount to us, so we're working out which of the real historical government or military projects could best fit into the game. If you have a favorite one that fits the theme of Space Race, let us know in the comments!

The Race: The Progress Tracker has been under the radar as we are trying to further boost the exciting feeling of surpassing your opponents which for some reason everyone seems to really enjoy. :) This includes streamlining the the Initiative by deriving it from the Progress Tracker itself.

What's at the horizon (next steps):

  • Finish the remaining Missions
  • Balance the Projects

We're also examining the iconography in the game to see whether and how it could be further improved.

Jan (blue shirt) and Klobouk (black shirt) balancing the cards.
Jan (blue shirt) and Klobouk (black shirt) balancing the cards.

Giveaway: What's your take on Kickstarter updates?

Your feedback both before the Space Race Kickstarter started and during the campaign was incredible and full of amazing insights that helped us make the campaign so much better. Now that the Kickstarter is finished, we'd love to know what you think about the Kickstarter updates (and give away one of our games).

As you remember, we have published a story update for Space Race every day, highlighting the lore of the game and its thematic ties. On the other hand, when Project L (another of our games) Kickstarter was running, the updates focused on showing behind the scenes content about working with different materials and prototypes. From a creator’s point of view, there’s always something new to try.

As a backer, you see Kickstarter updates from a different end of the spectrum. What is it that you find most compelling to read when backing a game on Kickstarter? Share your thoughts by following the link below:

Do you recognize some of these updates? Click on the image to enter the giveaway.
Do you recognize some of these updates? Click on the image to enter the giveaway.

That's all from us now. We can't wait to hear what you think! Don't forget to let us know which Projects would you like to see in the game.

Thank you so much for your support!

Michal, Jan, and Marek

IMPORTANT: Confirm Your Pledge in BackerKit
4 months ago – Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 01:02:47 AM

***please don't skip this update***


The pledge manager (BackerKit) is live, and you will get an email invitation within the next two days! Please, check your spam/promotion folder, and if the email invitation doesn't appear in by the end of Saturday, send us an email to

If you want 10 or more copies of the game, please send an email to

New add-ons: There are some interesting items that were not available during the campaign in the add-ons section of the pledge manager. If you appreciate Space Race for its strategic, engine building gameplay and amazing looks, we think you might also like Project L, which is one of the available add-ons. 

BackerKit deadline: BackerKit surveys will lock at the end of September (you will still be able to changes your address after that).

What is BackerKit and how it works?

BackerKit is a pledge manager that lets you finalize your pledge, get extra items as add-ons, submit your shipping address, and pay for shipping.

1. Select the add-ons: On the left side of the add-ons page, you can see everything that you can add to your pledge. On the right side, you can see all the items that you have selected / pledged for together with the shipping fee. The amount you have pledged during the Kickstarter campaign appears as "Pledged amount" and the total for any remaining shipping fees and extra add-ons as "Balance" (see the example below).

Info for €1 backers: Please note that since you didn’t pledge for a specific reward during the campaign, you have to add all the rewards that you want to receive as add-ons into your pledge.

2. Fill out the shipping address: You will be able to change your address until we lock the addresses for fulfillment. We will let you know in advance when this will happen.

3. Payment: You can pay for any extra add-ons and shipping with a credit card. Credit cards will be charged after we lock the pledge manager at the end of September.

If you have any questions, send us an email to

Thank you very much for your support!

Michal, Jan, and Marek

Kickstarter Surveys
4 months ago – Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 09:55:03 PM


We've just sent you the Kickstarter survey on your email! Please, fill it out so we can more accurately prepare for the shipping process. It's not a problem if your address will change because you will put your final addresses in the pledge manager (BackerKit) later.

To find the survey from your computer:

  • click on this link
  • find Space Race in the list of your backed projects and click on the blue plus button on the right side
  • select survey (the middle tab) in the pop-up window

To find the survey from the Kickstarter mobile app:

  • click on the Activity button (iOS: in the bottom menu, Android: in the navigation that shows once you click on the top-left button that looks like three horizontal lines)
  • find the Space Race survey and click on it

Please note that you won't see the survey unless you have pledged for a specific reward (there are no surveys for €1 pledges).

However, even if you didn't get a survey, you will be invited to a pledge manager (BackerKit) where you can finalize your pledge. We will let you know through a Kickstarter update once the pledge manager (BackerKit) opens, and you will also get an invitation to it through an email.

Thank you very much for your amazing support! We can't wait for the next steps that we will take with you on board.

Michal, Jan, and Marek

Big Thank You & What’s Ahead
5 months ago – Fri, May 24, 2019 at 01:50:52 AM

Landing successful! Thank you so much for making this journey so amazing! We sincerely hope that you had at least as wonderful time as  we had. We really appreciate all your comments and private messages full of great suggestions and ideas. Thank you for being part of the team! We can't wait for the moment when we’ll get to hear about you playing Space Race for the first time!

We'll keep in touch with you by posting regular updates on the progress through the Kickstarter updates. We will also keep posting on the Boardcubator Facebook page, Space Race Facebook page, and Space Race: The Board Game group. Do stay in touch with us through the comments and messages!

What’s ahead

During the next two weeks, we will send out a Kickstarter survey (you'll get an email notice) to map destination countries for shipping purposes, more accurately gauge your interest in the playmat, and get a rough estimate of the total number of games and expansions for production. Once we evaluate all the data, we’ll be able to set up the pledge manager (BackerKit) accordingly.

Project outline:

  • 06/2019 — Pledge manager (BackerKit) opened
  • 06-07/2019 — Final development
  • 08-09/2019 — Pre-production
  • 09/2019 — Pledge manager (BackerKit) deadline
  • 10/2019-01/2020 — Mass production
  • 02-03/2020 — Sea freight
  • 04/2020 — Fulfillment process & deliveries
  • 05-06/2020 — Buffer

What's a pledge manager (BackerKit)? For those who're not familiar with pledge managers – it's an e-shop-like tool dedicated to manage crowdfunding projects once the campaigns end. In the pledge manager, you'll be able to review your pledge, add additional content, if you wish, and also pay for the shipping. You'll also be able to update your shipping address in case you move. We’re going to use BackerKit as the pledge manager for this campaign.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us! It was a marvelous endeavor and we really enjoyed it. We really hope you did as well.

However, there’s plenty of work ahead of us. So, after a quick rest, we’ll head back to the control center. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates!

Michal, Jan, Marek, Sisi, and Klobouk

Joint Efforts: Towards a Different Life
5 months ago – Thu, May 23, 2019 at 10:58:07 PM


Thank you so much for all your support! In this update, we'll conclude the story of Joint Efforts from Update #21 with a new wave of narrative unlocks!

In 1982, the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the American National Academy of Sciences (NAS) planted a seed of mutual cooperation that would grow into a space exploration project that lasted almost 20 years (plus 15 years of preparations) and brought together teams from 28 countries. The project turned out to be what is now known as the Cassini-Huygens mission, which saw NASA, ESA, and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) work together, and which, for its overwhelming success, was dubbed as the mission of firsts.

The aim of the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft was to study Saturnian system. It consisted of the Cassini orbiter developed by NASA/ASI and the Huygens lander constructed by ESA. Launched in 1997, it took Cassini 7 years to make it to Saturn’s orbit where it stayed until 2017, managing to discover seven new moons orbiting the planet. The probe was very active on its journey: it made about 26,000 images of Jupiter during a flyby, Jupiter's most detailed color study so far. 

On the other hand, the Huygens probe separated from Cassini in 2004 to focus on studying the Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. When it landed on it in 2005 with it’s robotic laboratory, it crossed out several checkboxes: the farthest landing from Earth, the first landing in the outer Solar System, and the first landing on a moon that’s not the Moon.

While on Titan, Huygens detected lakes of liquid hydrocarbon in what was the first discovery of lakes outside of Earth. Furthermore, the data from the Cassini spacecraft have pointed towards the possibility that there is liquid water under Titan’s ice shell. This would mean that it is possible that the organic material on Titan could spark a chemical reaction corresponding to the one that started life on Earth.

However, Titan wasn’t the only place where groundbreaking discoveries were made. It’s lakes were actually quite dwarfed by the salty internal ocean of liquid water that Cassini found in Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth-largest moon, and even geysers erupting from its south pole. Because of these findings, scientists came to the conclusion that if a life is to be found anywhere within the Solar System, it’s most likely to be right there.

To make sure there wasn’t a slightest chance of contaminating any of Saturn’s moons when Cassini’s journey came to an end in 2017, it changed its course into Saturn’s upper atmosphere where it disappeared in flames. It will be remembered as a probe that changed the way we understand the Saturn system and that greatly enhanced our knowledge on the possibilities of finding life in the Solar System.

This concludes the Joint Efforts story series. We hope you've enjoyed the journey as much as we have, and we’re looking forward to crossing the finishing line with you on board, which will be in just 7 hours from now! We can’t wait to hear what sort of collaboration agreements you will make in your space conquests and what breakthrough you will achieve during your time as space agency directors.

Let’s enjoy the last part of our mission together! THANK YOU!

Michal, Jan, and Marek