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Space Race is a unique engine-building strategy game with amazing artwork and stunning rockets.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The One With The Rockets
20 days ago – Fri, Jan 03, 2020 at 12:26:59 AM

Happy New Year!

We hope you'll launch a lot of successful missions in 2020! Let's look at the latest Space Race news, including finished designs for the rocket models.

  • Production news — Designs for the rocket models are ready, check out the renders!
  • Next steps — We're working on finalizing the visual design of the game.
  • What's your take on KS updates — The results are here.
Render of the Long March 2F.

Production news

  • Rocket miniatures: Design of the remaining rocket miniatures is finished — which one is your favorite?
  • Rulebook: We've started working on the rulebook with Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules, and we can't wait to show you the result along with the live tutorial and playthrough video of that he will make.
  • Visual design: Our visual design team is now working on finishing the iconography and the layout of the board (see the Next steps below).
Render of the Soyuz and the Saturn IB (please note the visualizations are not to scale here).

Next steps

At this point, we're finalizing the visual and UX design of the game. The step number one is the board, which includes rearranging certain areas on it so it better facilitates the gameplay experience and guide players throughout the game. The progress tracker will be longer (adjusted for higher scores) and the individual fields of the tracker larger to fit the bump-proof rocket bases with colored rubber snap bases on them (the rubber snap bases are not on the pictures). We're also working on the layout of the Projects since we'd love to include a designate place for them on the board in order to save table space.

The next steps also involve finishing the iconography of Breakthrough-related abilities and updating the cards with these new icons. Finally, we continue with playtesting to make sure the visual and mechanical parts of the game fit together perfectly.

Render of the Ariane 5 and the Falcon Heavy (please note the visualizations are not to scale here).

What's your take on Kickstarter updates — Results

In one of the previous updates, we asked what you like and expect from Kickstarter updates, and it is incredible that 559 people joined the discussion! If all the responses were boiled down into just one word, it would be balance.

Yet, this is much too simplified and deserves a deeper commentary with charts and whatnot, which is exactly that you can find here. Check out what people look for when reading Kickstarter updates as we delve into the topic in detail. Do your own expectations match these? Let us know in the comments!

What's your take on Kickstarter updates — Results.

That's all from us for now. What do you think about the rocket models?

Thank you very much for your amazing support.


Post-Essen SPIEL News
about 2 months ago – Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 10:36:35 PM


The command center is here with a report outlining the direction of our flight with a special memo about art direction in board games and a note about the intermediate landing at Essen SPIEL!

  • Production status — Let's take a look at what's ahead of us.
  • Project timeline of the Space Race mission.
  • Look back at Essen SPIEL 2019 — Check out our Essen SPIEL in pictures post here.
  • Art direction in board games — Read an interview with Marek, Boardcubator's art director.
Jan and Klobouk with a prototype of Space Race during the Essen SPIEL.

Production status and next steps

  • Rulebook: During Essen SPIEL, we've talked to Paul Grogan (Gaming Rules!), and he has agreed to work with us on the final rulebook for Space Race a also do a tutorial and playthrough of the game!
  • Rocket models: Both Cold War expansion rocket models are now finished, and our sculptor continues working on adding more detail to the remaining 5 models from the base game.
  • Astronauts: Check out a visualization of the astronauts designed by Jeff McDowall on the gif below. The areas that will have silkscreen print are shown as recesses on the gif.
Visualization of Jeff McDowall's astronaut models, which shows recessed areas in places where the wooden meeples should have silkscreen print.

What's ahead of us

Given that the game design is finished, we are now compiling a technical version of the rulebook that includes all the mechanics with the correct wording and consistent terminology. This should be finished in two weeks. After that, we will send the rules to Paul Grogan for professional editing while, at the same time, our graphic design team will start working on the final iconography, and on the layout of the cards and the board.

The complex part of the production, and also the one that is most time demanding, are the plastic rocket models. This week, we have an appointment with a local manufacturer to talk about the different possibilities for manufacturing the plastic components for the game.

Project Timeline

The project timeline posted in the previous update remains unchanged:

  • 11/2019-03/2020 — Mass production
  • 03-04/2020 — Sea freight
  • 05/2020 — Fulfillment processing & deliveries
  • 06/2020 — Buffer
Saturn V and the N1 rocket prototypes.

Look back at Essen SPIEL

Essen SPIEL was amazing! It was a blast to see how many people stopped to say hi and talk to us about the recent developments in Space Race! Thank you so much for visiting our stand and checking out the rockets from the Cold War expansion (the picture above)! These are the actual sizes that will come in the Cold War expansion. For scale reference — the astronauts behind them are about the same size as a standard meeple.

Check out our Essen SPIEL in pictures report where we share a lot of photos from the convention.

Marek (third from the right) supervising the shooting of the Space Race Kickstarter video.

Art direction — There's more to games than meets the rules

Do you like the way Space Race looks? Would you like to know more about making games? Then take a look at an article about art direction that we have published. It's based on an interview with Marek, Boardcubator’s art director, during which he talked about the specifics of this role. It's all about how art and visual design influences games.

It's the first article in a series in which we want to share with you insights about all possible aspects of making games that we've learned in the past years. Let us know what you think about it — is there a particular topic that you would like us to explore next?

Marek in the Boardcubator office talking about art direction.

This is all from us for now. Let us know which aspects of making board games you would like to read more about!

Thank you very much for all your support.


Project Status & Essen SPIEL
3 months ago – Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 03:46:59 AM


The long-awaited briefing from the control center just arrived! The transmission includes information about BackerKit, a walkthrough of the construction progress, and the destination of the upcoming landing — Essen SPIEL 2019!

  • BackerKit Surveys — The deadline is extended to February 2020.
  • Project Status — A complete overview of where we are now and what's ahead.
  • Essen SPIEL 2019 — Meet us at Hall 2-C144!
We can’t wait to see you in Essen!

BackerKit Surveys

Many of you haven’t completed the BackerKit survey yet, which is why we are extending the deadline to February 2020. We will remind you again before this happens. Once the surveys are locked, credit cards will be charged.

If you’d like us to lock your survey and charge your card before February, send us an email to

You can find more information about BackerKit and how to finalize your survey in Update #25. If you can’t your survey, retrieve it by following this link.

Project Status

There’s plenty of exciting news about the development we want to share with you. Take a look at the detailed overview below or come check out the progress Space Race has made to our booth at Essen SPIEL — we’ll be at Hall 2-C144.

Space Race Cards: All the mechanics and abilities on the Space Race Cards are finished, so the next step is to finalize their wording and layout. During the development, we have added a lot into the game in terms of abilities on cards compared to the original card game, so the next step will also involve extending the iconography so it fully grasps the new mechanics.

Control Cards: All mechanics of the faction-specific Control Cards are finished as well. What’s left is to create customized illustrations and layouts so they reflect the faction/rocket to which they belong.

Faction HQs: The headquarters are designed, and we are really incredibly excited about what they bring into the game! Every Faction HQ lets you choose several different setups that will extend your options for the start of the game and also lets you use a specific combination of the Control Cards unique to your faction. Every HQ setup option leans towards a distinct playstyle, so there is a lot of additional variety in the game. The next step here is to do a series of tests that will focus primarily on the HQs and the different Control Card setups.

Martin and Jan working on the Faction Headquarters.

Missions and Projects: The design of all the Missions and Projects is finished, so the next step is to incorporate their story and theme into their graphic design. Projects also have two ways they can be set up, one of which will be included in the standard game rules and one as an optional variant.

Solo variant: The solo variant in Space Race replicates the same experience that you have when playing against other people. Now that the mechanics on all the cards, projects, and missions are finished, we can update the solo variant to incorporate all the recent tweaks to the gameplay.

Rulebook: Once the iconography is extended and the solo variant is finished, we will put together the final rules and find a professional rules writer who will give them their final shape. We're currently looking for one — do you have a favorite?

A prototype of astronauts and the N1 rocket (left), the work-in-progress board with handwritten notes (top right), and a detail of the bottom part of the N1 rocket prototype (bottom right).

Rockets: Our sculptor is currently reworking the initial prototype designs of the rockets by adding more detail into the miniature sculpts. He’s also working on the large rockets from the Cold War expansion (you can see the N1 prototype above). The new sculpts include larger bases for a bump-immune level of stability, which is strengthened even further by adding rubber snap bases that match the color of the rockets' faction.

Board: We are playtesting the board as we are tweaking its size to make sure it comfortably fits into the box. There are marking and drawing all over it to note places with too much / not enough space, icons to be added / removed, and sectors to be moved to a different place for smoother gameplay experience. We're also working on a new Progress Tracker that will be both longer and updated to work with the larger bases of the rocket miniatures.

Astronauts: Jeff McDowall has already finished designing unique shapes for astronauts of every faction. We’ve made resin prototypes of them to see how great they look (above), and we can confirm they look pretty great! The final astronauts will be made of wood and have silkscreen printing on them.

Jan putting together a prototype of the N1 rocket.

Next Steps

In November, we'll start the production of the most complex parts of the game, which are the plastic rocket miniatures. At the same time, we will continue blind testing the updated mechanics and the HQs. Below is a list of what’s right in front of us:

  • Finalize the extended iconography for abilities.
  • Incorporate the updated mechanics into the solo variant.
  • Finish sculpts of the rocket models.
  • Update the board.
  • Have the rulebook professionally written and edited.
  • Create thematic backs for projects and missions.

Updated Project Timeline:

  • 11/2019-03/2020 — Mass production
  • 03-04/2020 — Sea freight
  • 05/2020 — Fulfillment processing & deliveries
  • 06/2020 — Buffer

If you will be at Essen SPIEL, come take a look at all of it!

It was so amazing to meet so many of you during the last Essen SPIEL!

Meet Us at Essen SPIEL — Hall 2-C144

We know that many of you are looking forward to Essen SPIEL 2019, and we'd love to meet you there in person! We'll have a stand at Hall 2-C144, and we'd love to show you the game and talk to you about all the Space Race news!

Stay up to date: In case you cannot make it to Essen, keep an eye on our Facebook page where we will post regular updates not only from the convention, but also from the three days leading to it!

Marek, Michal, and Jan ready for Essen!

That’s all the news for now. What do you think about the N1 prototype? Let us know if you have any favorite rulebook writers.

Thank you very much for all your support on this incredible journey!

Marek, Michal, and Jan

BackerKit Deadline & Project Status
5 months ago – Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 08:20:49 PM


We hope you are enjoying the summer! Let's take a look at the latest report from the command center:

  •  BackerKit deadline — Monday 30 September
  •  Playmats — It's going to happen!
  •  Project status — Development and next steps
  •  Giveaway — What's your take on Kickstarter updates? (enter the giveaway here).

BackerKit deadline

BackerKit surveys will lock on Monday 30 September (you will still be able to change your shipping address). Please make sure to finalize your survey by then. After that, your card will be charged for shipping and any extra add-ons that you have added to your pledge.

You can find more information about BackerKit and how to finalize the survey in Update #25. If you encounter any problems, send us an email to 


Thank you so much for making the playmats happen! There are 891 playmats ordered so far, which is way above the minimum production quantity of 500. It's on!

Quick reminder: the playmats will be made of top quality rubber, 90x60 cm (35x24 in), and will be double stitched for extra durability and perfect look. If you'd like to get one as well, it's available as an add-on in the BackerKit survey.

Playmats have a green light! Thank you!
Playmats have a green light! Thank you!

Project status

During the last few weeks, we were focusing mostly on finalizing and tweaking the balance of the cards in the game, and now we have added development of new Missions into the mix as well.

Missions: One of the main functions of Missions in the game is to establish when Breakthroughs and/or Laboratory is scored. It's incredible to see the extent to which every tiny alteration in this completely changes the feel of the game and the approach that players take. For example, the Mission that we were testing last time closely resembled the mood of the original card game by emphasizing combo play through reducing the number of times Breakthroughs are scored and, on the other hand, by accentuating Lab.

Jan and Klobouk behind the drawing board.
Jan and Klobouk behind the drawing board.

Projects: We're looking into a new possible approach to Projects that encourages (or even requires) players to cooperate on completing them — just like international projects that different agencies work on and share the rewards. These Projects are also more demanding in terms of Astronauts you need to use to complete them. As with the other parts of the game, the historical background is paramount to us, so we're working out which of the real historical government or military projects could best fit into the game. If you have a favorite one that fits the theme of Space Race, let us know in the comments!

The Race: The Progress Tracker has been under the radar as we are trying to further boost the exciting feeling of surpassing your opponents which for some reason everyone seems to really enjoy. :) This includes streamlining the the Initiative by deriving it from the Progress Tracker itself.

What's at the horizon (next steps):

  • Finish the remaining Missions
  • Balance the Projects

We're also examining the iconography in the game to see whether and how it could be further improved.

Jan (blue shirt) and Klobouk (black shirt) balancing the cards.
Jan (blue shirt) and Klobouk (black shirt) balancing the cards.

Giveaway: What's your take on Kickstarter updates?

Your feedback both before the Space Race Kickstarter started and during the campaign was incredible and full of amazing insights that helped us make the campaign so much better. Now that the Kickstarter is finished, we'd love to know what you think about the Kickstarter updates (and give away one of our games).

As you remember, we have published a story update for Space Race every day, highlighting the lore of the game and its thematic ties. On the other hand, when Project L (another of our games) Kickstarter was running, the updates focused on showing behind the scenes content about working with different materials and prototypes. From a creator’s point of view, there’s always something new to try.

As a backer, you see Kickstarter updates from a different end of the spectrum. What is it that you find most compelling to read when backing a game on Kickstarter? Share your thoughts by following the link below:

Do you recognize some of these updates? Click on the image to enter the giveaway.
Do you recognize some of these updates? Click on the image to enter the giveaway.

That's all from us now. We can't wait to hear what you think! Don't forget to let us know which Projects would you like to see in the game.

Thank you so much for your support!

Michal, Jan, and Marek

IMPORTANT: Confirm Your Pledge in BackerKit
7 months ago – Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 01:02:47 AM

***please don't skip this update***


The pledge manager (BackerKit) is live, and you will get an email invitation within the next two days! Please, check your spam/promotion folder, and if the email invitation doesn't appear in by the end of Saturday, send us an email to

If you want 10 or more copies of the game, please send an email to

New add-ons: There are some interesting items that were not available during the campaign in the add-ons section of the pledge manager. If you appreciate Space Race for its strategic, engine building gameplay and amazing looks, we think you might also like Project L, which is one of the available add-ons. 

BackerKit deadline: BackerKit surveys will lock at the end of September (you will still be able to changes your address after that).

What is BackerKit and how it works?

BackerKit is a pledge manager that lets you finalize your pledge, get extra items as add-ons, submit your shipping address, and pay for shipping.

1. Select the add-ons: On the left side of the add-ons page, you can see everything that you can add to your pledge. On the right side, you can see all the items that you have selected / pledged for together with the shipping fee. The amount you have pledged during the Kickstarter campaign appears as "Pledged amount" and the total for any remaining shipping fees and extra add-ons as "Balance" (see the example below).

Info for €1 backers: Please note that since you didn’t pledge for a specific reward during the campaign, you have to add all the rewards that you want to receive as add-ons into your pledge.

2. Fill out the shipping address: You will be able to change your address until we lock the addresses for fulfillment. We will let you know in advance when this will happen.

3. Payment: You can pay for any extra add-ons and shipping with a credit card. Credit cards will be charged after we lock the pledge manager at the end of September.

If you have any questions, send us an email to

Thank you very much for your support!

Michal, Jan, and Marek